Intervju med fanzinisterna: Vild Studio!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you?
I am a British comic book creator/ graphic designer based in Malmö. I have a wife and 2 kids, and I
like to make comics when I have any spare time. In December 2014 I started publishing as Vild
Studio. I recently had a short 8-page story published by Texas based comic book publisher Antarctic
Press. I have also successfully crowdfunded two books via Kickstarter.

What kind of comics do you make, and how did it all start?
My work is a mix of American superhero archetypes with Japanese science fiction. I started making
comics when I was very young, 8 or something. I have always loved American comics, I used to look
for Daredevil and Batman comics in my local corner shop. I love 80s and 90s Japanese manga, Ghost
in the Shell and Gunsmith Cats are some of my favourites. I am also really into manga by Q
Hayashida (Dorohedoro and Dai Dark) and Tsutomu Nihei (Blame and Biomega), both have a unique
style that I love. British comics have always been there too, like 2000 AD/ Judge Dredd, and Marvel
UK - which was very much its own thing until it closed. These are all influences I still use in my work
to this day.

What are you going to sell at Malmö Comics Fest?
I will be selling my Action/Sci-Fi graphic novel Vild, like most comic books Vild is a wild tale. It's about
a private detective/ex-assassin, who must save an old friend from a cybernetic cult called Faceless.
I will also be selling my new book DOMO Police, which stands for Demons Occult and Magical
Organizations Police. DOMO officer’s (or witch-cops as they are also known) work to keep
supernatural dark forces at bay. To Police the paranormal creatures and people that would seek to
do us harm. This book focuses on Officer Morgan March; Morgan always works alone, as she is the
only witch on the force in the city. But Morgan enjoys working alone, and Morgan enjoyed her life,
until one day her younger brother Mage is sent to live with her, and Morgan’s life is turned upside
down. Mage arrives with his own plans and gets involved with a local gang called Hell’s Children. If
this isn’t enough, a Samurai Penguin (yes, you read that right) wants Morgan to help him look for his
missing daughter Penguina. Will Morgan survive this chaos? Find out in the first issue of DOMO

If I have a few issues of Penguina by Antarctic Press left I will sell them too, it features my first
professionally printed story.
I will also have illustrations and other merc. Come and say hello and let me practice my bad Swedish
on you!

Any tips you’d like to give someone who wants to start making comics or fanzines?
I think the best way to learn something is start doing it, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Start
drawing and see where it takes you. Make a book that you want to read and not what you think
people want to read. Practice often and have fun!


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