Intervju med fanzinisterna: Daniela Márquez!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you?
Hi! My name is Daniela! I am a Venezuelan artist, I moved to Malmö 2 years ago and I am still fighting the seagulls. I love colors, drawing my friends and reading manga.

What kind of comics do you make, and how did it all start?
I make silly everyday events into funny zines!
I have always been active on my sketchbook, I draw the people around me, a bit of journaling and weird animals drinking tea. Now I am going more into storytelling and comics are the perfect medium.

What are you going to sell at Malmö Comics Fest?
I will sell art prints, zines and originals. I work with different materials: lino prints, oil sticks and digital, it all comes together to tackle different subjects and hopefully showcase all the things I care about and want to share.

Any tips you’d like to give someone who wants to start making comics and/or fanzines?
Find topics you gravitate towards. For me it really helps me to meet up with other friends to draw together. I think, it is also important to get the idea on paper even if it is not perfect!

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