Intervju med fanzinisterna: Yngel!


Tell us  little bit about yourselves, who are you?
We are a network for women and queer comic artists. The goal of the network is that we want to lift each other up and help create more space for different comics and minorities in the comic world.

What kind of comics do you make, and how did it all start?

Yngel started because there was a need for a network for people who didn't already have a foot in the door with the publishers and big people on the industry. We want to focus on artistic expression and telling stories that have not been told much in that context until quite recently.

What are you going to sell at Malmö Comics Fest?

Yngel is mostly going to bring a bunch a self published comics and zines. One of them is about an artist with crippling imposter syndrome, one of them is a zine about real reviews of sex dolls, and another one is a book about violence in hetero relationships.

Any tips you’d like to give someone who wants to start making comics and fanzines?
Zines is a great way into expressing your medium and what you are interested in, in a book form. It's a open invitation to experimentation and self expression in a format where no one can tell you what to do. The zine community is also a great environment that builds upon sharing, openness and fellowship. Come join us, there is no limit to what you can do!

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