Intervju med fanzinisterna: Sajan Rai!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you?
I am a freelance illustrator from the UK. My leisures outside of art include reading, panicking, music and moving images.

What kind of comics do you make, and how did it all start?

My work falls into two categories - otherworldly, unsettling and colourful art which I pour my heart into, and preposterous comics that are almost always about Some Jerk, slapstick, or both. I'm lucky in that my family were very encouraging with my art, and it's pretty much all I've ever wanted to do.

What are you going to sell at Malmö Comics Fest?
I have a book of illustrated haiku poetry I made a few years back (the poems all document the same world), as well as some prints of of them. I'll be debuting the printed version of my comic 'The Many Myths of Second Spine' that I made for last year's Shortbox digital comics fair, and hopefully put some shorter comics together in a zine. Oh, and Envis Hjort, which is a book I wrote earnestly in Swedish (my Swedish is 'inte brar')

Any tips you’d like to give someone who wants to start making comics and/or fanzines?
Sounds cliché, but I guess making work/stories that you want to see, or that make you laugh. I think comics/zines are such an accessible medium for self expression, and an especially great place for the marginalised to be themselves without having to pander to the whims of the mainstream. Also having a little community, even if just a couple of friends/peers to share each other's work with, is a good thing!

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