Intervju med fansinisterna: Adelaide Tasker!

Tell us about yourself, who are you?

Ahoy there! My name is Adelaide Tasker and I come from a land down under, I now live in a land up over in Stockholm with my husband and our little dog named Khan.

What kind of comics do you make and how did it start?

My love for comics started in high school, I was in a bad place and making little bio comics that I never showed anyone helped a lot.

I'm now in my mid 20's and I´m currently working on an on-going webcomic series called "Thora the Destroyer". It´s a light hearted fantasy series which is part humor, part action and part puns. My comics tend to fall into the cute side of things often with serious undertones that aren´t always apparent at first.

What will you sell at Malmö Seriefest?

I will be selling a couple of short comics, for example "Scaredy cats" it is about a group of kittens going trick or treating on Halloween, and end up with more than they bargained for. My other short comic is about a girl trying her best to baby sit her magical little sister Zoe and the fact that the little rascal keeps bringing furniture to life certainly isn't making thing easy.

In addition to selling short comics I will also be selling witchin' prints of adorable little witches, and doing Purrsona commissions  for anyone who ever wondered what they'd look like as a cat!

I'll also be handing out samples from my webcomic "Thora the Destroyer".

What advice would you give someone who wants to start making comics and fanzines?

I think the advice I would most likely give someone who wants to start making comics is to read Scott MccCloud's "Understanding comics". It is an amzing book and it explains so much about the craft. The second piece of advice would be to draw, write and draw some more and just have fun.

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