Intervju med fansinisterna: Mimosa Björn!

Berätta om dig själv, vem är du?

Jag trodde jag kunde göra den här intervjun på svenska. Men nej, I'm not natural enough yet, gimme a year or two so I can sling that slang and crack a few jokes in your language!
Anyways, my name is Mimosa and I come from the long and far away land of Finland.

Vad gör du för serier och hur började det?

I.ve been drawing all my life, but worked on it at least semi-seriously for about ten years now; and last year I started working on my first series; Cockblock Kitties. Cockblock Kitties or CBK for short, is a silly lovestory between two guys who want to get initimate with each other...but there seems to always be a cat in the way! It's a very warm, simple, silly story. For my first I feel it's a good level of ambition and difficulty; I'm pushing myself and doing new things...A LOT of new things...but it's not the most difficult thing ever from a technical, practical aspect.

I've never seen myself as a comic artist, but during the 2015 Stockholm Comic Con Natalia Batista (Sword Princess Amaltea), Maaria Laurinen (Phantomland), and Jenni Luna Söderlund (Vortex) all encouraged me to give it a try. I've never been one to back down from a challenge, so here I am, a year later, learning while doing, but still going strong.

Vad kommer du att sälja på Malmö Seriefest?

At Malmö Seriefest I'll be selling the first volume of Cockblock Kitties! More of it is up for reading on Tapastic. Besides that I have my own coluring book, lots of fanart pins, stickers, bookmarks and prints for sale. Hope you can find something pleasing at my table, which I will be sharing with the talented Yvette Gustafsson, artist behind Zak and ting!

Vilka tips vill du ge någon som vill börja göra serier och fansin?

My advice to anyone who wants to make their own series is to put these words into heart; "finished, not perfect". It will be a lot of hard work, staying dedicated and motivated to see through what you started. Some parts you will absolutely hate. Others will make you despair because you know what you want, but you have no idea how to draw it out. Not everything you make will be the best you can do. Not everything will be even that good looking. And that's fine, it's normal. You just need to accept that your best and worst qualities as an artist will be displayed when you do something so long and ardous as a a comic. Creating is always a beautiful thing, and it's usually our rough edges, our mistakes that attract people. Screwups have a kind of unmistakable honesty to them, and helps the readers relate. So don't fret, and create what you can thinking "finished, not perfect"! Use your series to show the world what you're made of! You got this!

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