Intervju med fansinisterna: Jon Cowen!

Tell us about you. Who are you?

I'm a graphic designer and comic book creator. I'm a brit abroad who doesn't believe in brexit. I have a wonderful wife, son and hund.

What kind of comics do you make, and how did it start?

I started making comics from a very early age, I think i was 10 years old. I make comics that I would want to read; a heavy mix of action, adventure and science fiction/fantasy. I am always experimenting with paint and ink, and i don't feel confined to one art style.

What will you be selling at Malmö Seriefest?

I have an ongoing miniseries called Vild, which is available on comixology. I will be selling Vild in print, I will also be selling issue 1 of my fantasy/adventure comic Red & Cyan. I will see what else i can dig up for Seriefest!

What tips would you give to someone who wants to start making comics and fanzines?

There is only one you, so make comics your way! Don't wait just start, break the rules and make your mistakes as you go. Mistakes are often the best bits!

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